Digital Marketing

iSOFT INDIA TECHNOLOGIES offers a complete package of digital marketing services covering all the corners of digital media, equipped with various digital marketing techniques and backed by a team of digital media experts and IT professionals who have years of experience in digital marketing. We offer an array of configurable services to complement different kinds of businesses to meet their unique requirements encompassing designing, content writing, uploading, maintaining and marketing.
To every client that is associated with us, we have been providing competitive advantages by creating customized and flexible ecosystems with the help of targeted digital media marketing. Our team works on delivering the maximum value in minimal possible investments.

We offer whole spectrum of services in Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing, Measurement, Monitoring and Listening.
  • Search Engine optimization (SEO)
  • Performance Analytics Based On Prospect Generation.
  • Web-Apps.
  • CRM Centric Analysis.
  • Digital PR Centric Campaigns